June 18, 2024

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Hon. Kingsley Ugabi Calls for Investment in Mineral Resources to Boost Edo State Revenue

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CEM REPORT, FINANCE | Hon. Kingsley Ugabi representing Etsako-East Local Government in the Edo State House of Assembly has called for investment in the mineral resources in Edo State to increase revenue of the State and fast track the development of the State.

Hon Ugabi said this while interacting with CEM Television at the sideline of the 8th Biennial Retreat of the Weppa Wanno Pyramid Club of Nigeria held on 22nd to 24th of September 2023 at the Novatel Hotel, Lekki.

While responding to the question on what the State should do to improve their revenue generation, Hon Ugabi emphasized that from Okpella to Ibie, Agenebode and all around other local governments of Edo State, mineral resources abound enough to sustain increased revenue for Edo state if efforts is put in place to attract investors to invest in the exploration of the minerals. He speaks specifically on partnering with other individuals and organizations to investigate and substantiate the minerals in terms of viability and commercial quantity.


He said; “What we can do is to try and partner with other people outside our State to tell; ‘this is what we think we have, check for us’. When the search is done and definitely if businesses are established in those places, our people will get employed, taxes will be paid and It will bring development to our State”.

He added that establishing relation with the government at the center is also important to let them know the potentials of your State. “When you do that, they can also help get people to come and invest. The more you have those industries, the more you are able to raise money”; he said.

He further stressed the need to conserve already raised revenue to run the State by blocking leakages through which States funds are syphoned; in mere terms, State needs to fight corruption.

“To manage revenue already raised efficiently, leakages should be blocked and corruption should be stopped and make sure money meant for your people are for your people. It is just to be able to open up Edo State”; Hon. Ugabi said.

Hon. Kingsley Ugabi spoke in favour of the fact that strengthening institutions and establishment of structures will enable development more than relying on political parties. He however emphasized the role of ideology of the party in power by way of advising and prevailing on the political office holders to do the right thing.

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“Yes, whether someone is in another political party or in APC, if there is a structure already, he just would fit in. But again, you must have people around you who would remind you about its manifesto and promises. If it is in APC you find such people, it means they are helping you to finish well”, He said.

Hon. Kingsley Ugabi spoke on the developmental impact of the crises that rocked the Edo politics in the last 4 years, especially the jettison of a political process of swearing in elected House of Assembly members. According to him, it simply means that issues that bothered on the development of the constituencies were not debated and constituencies were for spoken for.

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