February 26, 2024

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Wema Bank Launches Alat Hub for Digital Banking


CEM REPORT | Wema Bank has launched a digital banking hub in Mowe, Ogun State, the first of its kind in agency banking revolution in the industry and what can be termed as an extended innovation of the ATM gallery where only deposits and withdrawals are effected by customers using the ATM machines.

Alat Hub by Wema situated along Mowe – Ofada road was officially launched on 8th September 2022 with funfair and bustling patronage by Mowe residents.

Alat Hub by Wema is a full fledged digital banking hub with full banking services in operation and meeting every need of their customers. It is a place where Wema staff, Alat agents and customers interact and mingle freely in a fun-filled atmosphere while performing banking transactions.


The transformation in the banking sector powered by technology is made vivid at the passing of each day with such innovations by Wema Bank directed at serving the digital savvy generation as well as the unbanked in the suburb. While the generation Z is more result oriented and truly in a haste to get things done, the unbanked in the suburb reaches out to catch up with the speed of transformation in banking service delivery.

The newly launched Alat Hub by Wema can be said to be an innovation perfectly in tune to suit and serve these segments of the banking retail customers.

Tunde Mabawunko, Head of Finance and Strategy of Wema Bank while interacting with Continental Economy Magazine, confirmed this when he said: ‘‘Alat Hub by Wema is a Wema Bank Idea to take banking service to the grassroots. It is all about making banking more affordable, closer and cheaper to people.

‘’So we are creating small hubs across Nigeria where people can easily get their banking services. We want people to have a feel of what Wema banking services is like, so at this little hub, they see the quality of our service and wealth of our products. This will enable them to take full advantage of what Wema Bank offers at the larger scale.’’

Olagbamila Gbenlebu, Team Lead, Financial Agency Inclusion of Wema Bank described it as a fantastic idea and opportunity for the people in Mowe to access full banking services with ease and without the hassle of having to commute to a bank branch.

According to Elizerbeth Ojo, Retail Cluster Head, Ijebu Zone, Alat is a full digital bank designed to deliver tomorrow banking services today and to today’s customers. It is built to match your style to enable you save and earn your interest while you move money freely.

Alat Hub is an agency plan designed in line with seamlessness that the alat offer to get closer to the customer. Alat Agents can come together or an agent can come up with a plan and work with the Bank to establish a Hub to enable effective banking transactions.

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The hub, just as the Alat platform itself, can handle transaction such as Debit Card Issuance, Account Statement View, Account Opening and Cash Deposit. Others are Cash Withdrawal, Transfer, Bills Payment and Airtime Recharge. Loan request can be done at the hub and it will get the speedy attention.

Customers that interacted with CEM, expressed satisfaction with the level of services offered at the hub and the efficiency that Alat by Wema brings into banking services.

Mr Ehiaguina who has used Alat over time, expressed delight over the initiative to establish the hub while expressing satisfaction with the performance of Alat.

“Alat has been wonderful in aiding my transactions especially funds transfer. I have not had issues with it, my transactions have been seamless, it has been wonderful. Because of the way the app has served me, I have introduced a lot of people to it and they too are satisfied with the service”; Ehiaguina said

Mowe is a retail environment and there are no many Banks here. The Hub has come to open up the place to first attract more people to the use of Alat while expanding the customer base of Wema Bank.

Tunde Mabawunko said; “with Alat, more people are opening accounts with Wema Bank at the retail end of the market and the Bank is getting better and wider brand recognition.”

According to Elizabeth Ojo, there are currently over 4.2 million customers on Alat by Wema and still expanding.

Olagbamila affirmed this when he said, “Alat by Wema will be the dominant banking app in the industry in 5 years to come”

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