April 20, 2024

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Air Peace lowers Lagos-London Fare, Commence Direct Flights

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Air Peace

CEM REPORT, AVIATION | Nigeria’s leading airline, Air Peace, has officially entered the Lagos-London route, shaking things up with significantly lower fares and direct flights. This move marks a significant development in the Nigerian aviation industry, potentially leading to increased competition and improved options for travelers.

Air Peace has set the bar high with its competitive pricing. Economy class return tickets start at ₦1.2 million, a substantial 66% reduction compared to the average ₦3.5 million charged by foreign airlines. This move has generated excitement among travelers, particularly Nigerian students studying in the UK, who can enjoy a further 15% discount on economy class fares.

Direct Flights and Modern Aircraft

Air Peace boasts direct flights to Gatwick London, eliminating the inconvenience of stopovers and offering a more seamless travel experience. Passengers can also expect a comfortable journey onboard the airline’s modern fleet, including the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner aircraft, known for their efficiency and amenities.

Increased Competition

Industry experts like John Ojikutu, CEO of Centurion Aviation Security and Safety Consult, view Air Peace’s entry as the beginning of a competitive landscape that could potentially reduce reliance on foreign airlines and their pricing structures. He emphasizes the importance of government support for Air Peace to ensure the success of this crucial route.

Travel agents and passengers alike have expressed optimism and excitement about Air Peace’s launch. Bankole Bernard, chairman of Airlines and Passengers’ Joint Committee of IATA, anticipates a more balanced market with Air Peace’s presence, offering travelers greater choice and potentially lower fares.

“There will be a bit of balance. Air Peace has been given a daily slot to Gatwick which amounts to seven frequencies, compared to 21 frequencies that the legacy airlines have; 14 in Lagos and seven in Abuja. To an extent, we have something that will balance it up.

“Air Peace is not going to be faced with challenges of foreign exchange because the fares will be in naira. It is a welcome idea for travel agents and Nigeria as a whole. We appeal to Air Peace to try its best to sustain the London route. We are willing to give them all the support to ensure this is successful. With Air Peace, travel agents envisage a 50 percent fare reduction.”

Air Peace Poised to Expand its International Network

Oluwatoyin Olajide, COO of Air Peace, promises “unbeatable fares” and highlights the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional service with daily flights and modern aircraft.

“Operating daily, this service will also offer several other benefits which give Air Peace an edge over the competition. It’s a direct flight without stop-overs and offers unbeatable fares. The specifics of these offers and other unique selling points will be presented as this engagement progresses.”

The Lagos-London route marks Air Peace’s seventh international destination within a decade of operation. With its growing fleet of over 30 aircraft and a rapidly expanding network of domestic, regional, and international routes, Air Peace is poised to become a major player in the African aviation industry.

The Future of Lagos-London Travel

Air Peace’s entry into the Lagos-London route signifies a significant shift in the Nigerian aviation landscape. With its competitive fares, direct flights, and modern aircraft, Air Peace is poised to challenge established airlines and offer travelers a more appealing and affordable travel experience. The future of this route promises increased competition, potentially leading to lower fares and improved overall service for passengers.

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