April 23, 2024

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Globacom @ 20; The Glo-normous Promos 1

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Episode 3 of 5

CEM SPECIAL, TELECOM | The Nigerian telecommunication industry started to witness a fast-paced expansion with more people registering since sim cards practically became free. The affordability of sim cards and call time created the need to reach more areas, especially the rural communities, thanks to Globacom.

More companies came in to join those who were already established to pursue their corporate objectives with every one of them gradually manifesting their business philosophy. It didn’t take long before Globacom unveiled its business philosophy encapsuled in its strategy. This is the philosophy of shared value.


It is true that businesses are established to create value and Globacom is no exception to this. At the core of it, is the continuous striving to continue to maximize value for the business owners which manifest in profit. On the other side of the equation is the value for the society on whom the business absolutely depends. This is where Otunba Mike Adenuga led Globacom has demonstrated an unrivaled strength and uncommon focus.

While the company is undeniably strong in growth being manifested in asset build-up and network expansion internally and externally to other West African countries; (Ghana, Cote D’voire, Niger and Benin Republic), there is an overwhelming and robust attention on the society. Undeniably again, Globacom has wowed the Nigerian people with the level and consistency it has chosen to give back to the society through promos that can only be adequately described as GLO-NORMOUS.

From our research, since its launch, Globacom has ran promos almost every year and handed out different types of appealing, empowerment and life changing prizes to its subscribers across the country. The promos include Glo Overload, GloAllawee, Text 4 Millions, Made for Life, Recharge to Stardom, Win and Rule, N1Billion Sim Registration, 750 Season’s Recharge, 180 cars in 180 days and Glo CAF Award promo. Others are Everyday Bonanza, Glo Hamma Millions Promo, Go Russia, Recharge and Win Big, Joy Unlimited Extravaganza and the recent Festival of Joy Promo, etc.

As we wrote in episode one of this series, “It can be confidently said that almost every Glo promo has changed lives; effected a remarkable lifting in social status, business growth and psychological re-direction.” Every one of the cash prizes or properties given out by Globacom in every of its promo is convincingly conceived to make a remarkable impact in the lives of its subscribers.

Millions in cash, houses, luxurious buses, cars and other automobiles as well as household appliances and free data/airtime rain in Glo promos. The last promo; the ‘festival of joy’, for instance, had 20 units of 3-bedroom bungalows given out. This is the highest that consumers have received in any industry in Nigeria. The value created by Globacom in this singular promo will be discussed in details in the next episode of this series.

The life of the winner of the 2019 ‘Text for Million’ promo, Ibrahim Abukar was changed forever with the receipt of the N30 million-star prize of the promo. The 36-year-old Katsina State born electrician upgraded his business, educated his children and sponsored his father’s Hajj pilgrimage. The impact made on his life was surely grand. That promo created 103 millionaires from existing and new subscribers on the Glo network.

In 2011, Mrs Awaye Adeola who was one of the winners in the Glo N1 Billion SIM registration promo, was just 6 days into her retirement from the Oyo State civil service. At that point she was not sure of what would come next, she got the call that she won N1 million in the promo for just registering her sim card. “I never expected this just six days after starting my retirement. I was not sure of what to do next. But now I am grateful to God and to Glo for using this to open a new door of opportunity for me”, she said.

Another winner, Adetayo Sanni saw it as divine intervention for winning a million naira just for registering his sim card, “Winning N1 million for just registering my SIM is pure divine intervention. I want to thank Glo very much for rewarding their subscribers on a regular basis. I am now going to rule my world”, he said.

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The Season 3 of the Glo text4millions promo in 2012 made Shittu Shodeinde a multi-millionaire. The electrical wires and cables trader received a whopping sum of N12 million as the winner of the first monthly prize. His business experienced a quantum leap and his family’s status changed unprecedentedly. “This is unexpected favour from God. I was actually enjoying the game because I was learning from the questions being asked everyday. Today, I am a multimillionaire ready to rule my world just because I am on the Glo network. Thank you Glo for changing my life”, he said.

The Go Russia promo provided the first opportunity for people like 32-year-old Akinbode Mayowa, a fashion designer, to make a foreign trip. He noted that the trip to Russia “is very unique because this is the first time I will be making a foreign trip and it is absolutely free of charge in every respect.  I thank Glo.”

These 20 years of Globacom’s operation in Nigeria have been years of clear definition of corporate growth, industry revolution and customer’s value elaborately displayed in its GLO-NORMOUS PROMOs.

To be continued

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