April 20, 2024

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ICAN Lekki District Celebrates Anniversary with Lecture

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CEM REPORT, PRODUCTIVITY | The spirit was warm as the members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Lekki and District Society gathered at the Dova Hotel, Lekki phase 1 to celebrated the 1 year anniversary of their inauguration.

Continental Economy Magazine was on ground one year ago at the inauguration of the District and investiture of the outgoing Chairman, Mrs Abidemi Olawunmi, FCA by the 57th President and Chairman of Council of the Institute, Mrs Comfort Olu Eyitayo, FCA, OON

One year down the line, the District found it worthwhile to celebrate their growth and achievements within the year in an event which took place on Friday, 8 May 2023 and was themed ‘’Digital Revolution in the World: Impact on the Accounting Profession”. It was also held to enhance their knowledge inline with technological advancement in the corporate world as it affect the accounting profession.


Professor Godwin Emmanuel Oyedokun, FCA who delivered the lecture on the theme, brilliantly traced the evolution in technological application to accounting practice. He emphasized the need for Accountant to be up-to-date with technological innovation for them to remain relevant in the corporate sphere.

Shedding more light on the choice of the topic, Patrick Akamiokhor, FCA, who is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, said; an unprecedented technological advancement has occurred between 2000 to now than between 1900 to 2000. This has put pressure on the relevance of the Accountant. The topic was therefore selected to keep the Accountants abreast with trend.

‘’I am a member of the ICT Committee of ICAN at the national level. Following series of discussions, we found out that a lot have changed in the technological and corporate world. The changes that have happened between year 2000 till now compared to between 1900 till 2000 is amazing; talking about mobile technology, use of drones, internet facilities such as the WiFi, so much has happened.

‘’Computing has moved from what we used to know to cloud computing. Someone can be here and working in another place. I know of a young accounting graduate in information technology who is working for a company in London from Nigeria and earning about 2,000 pounds.

‘’We felt it is absolutely important to keep the Chartered Accountants informed with those technological changes to remain relevant”; said Akamiokhor

The Vice Chairman of the District Society, Gbenga Oyewole, FCA commended the progress they have made in the last one year in terms of growth in number, activities engaged and ground covered. He said; ‘’Today makes it exactly one year we were inaugurated by our past president, Mrs Comfort Olu Eyitayo. Between then and now we have moved from 75 members to 250 members in the District Society. Our meetings have been engaging, we’ve had technical sessions and other enlightenment activities.

The Chairman of the District, Mrs Abidemi Olawunmi, FCA commended all the members especially the Executive Committee for their effort even before the inauguration and their commitment for the past one year, describing her tenure as ‘interesting’.

I feel very elated about the good progress the District has made in the past one year for which we felt we need to celebrate. The journey has been interesting, though it has not been easy.

Her response to the question on how she was able to lead the District in the path of achievements, she said;

‘’I have been in similar position before as Chairman, with the experience I had and the beautiful people around me, God gave me the grace to make the progress we have made. I had people who were quick to align with my vision such that when an idea comes up, they are easy to get along and we could to an agreement easily. That kept us working together and enabled the progress we have made so far which are celebrating today.’’


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