July 24, 2024

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NHIA to Review Medicine Tariff and Improve Healthcare Access

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The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has taken a significant stride towards improving healthcare access and affordability for Nigerians. In response to the recent surge in medical inflation, the NHIA announced a comprehensive review of medicine tariffs.

This initiative, part of a broader strategy, aims to ensure the continued sustainability and effectiveness of the national health insurance program.

Addressing the Burden of Rising Medical Costs

Dr. Kelechi Ohiri, NHIA’s Director-General and Chief Executive Officer, acknowledged the growing challenge of medical inflation.


“The cost of medicines is a critical barrier to accessing high-quality healthcare. This review reflects our dedication to improving healthcare access and affordability for all citizens,” Dr. Ohiri stated

The medicine tariff review process signifies a proactive approach by the NHIA. It involves collaboration with nearly one hundred stakeholders across the healthcare industry – practitioners, government representatives, hospitals, pharmacists, dentists, and Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs). This inclusive approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape and facilitates the development of effective solutions.

NHIA Commits to Sustainability and Affordability

Dr. Ohiri emphasized the agency’s commitment to long-term sustainability. He highlighted the launch of a medicine initiative designed to guarantee the affordability of essential drugs.

“By reviewing and adjusting medicine tariffs. NHIA aims to alleviate the financial burden on patients and ensure that quality care remains accessible.”

The medicine tariff review process goes beyond immediate cost adjustments. It paves the way for a future-proof system that can adapt to changing economic realities. This collaborative effort, with transparent and inclusive stakeholder engagement, signifies the NHIA’s dedication to tackling critical issues in healthcare financing.

Expanding Coverage and Improving Access

The NHIA’s efforts extend beyond medicine tariffs. Dr. Ohiri revealed the accreditation of multiple healthcare facilities across various states. This initiative, undertaken in collaboration with state governments, aims to expand coverage and improve access to healthcare services for Nigerians nationwide.

One key aspect of this expansion is the establishment of state health insurance agencies. With the addition of new agencies, a total of 36 states will now have active agencies, bringing healthcare insurance closer to more citizens.

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If You Ask Me

The NHIA’s medicine tariff review, coupled with its efforts to expand healthcare coverage, presents a positive outlook for the Nigerian healthcare system. By ensuring affordability, quality, and accessibility of medicines, the NHIA is paving the way for a healthier future for all Nigerians.

The success of the medicine tariff review hinges on its implementation. Close monitoring and adjustments might be necessary to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Nigerians can expect improved access to essential medicines, reduced financial burdens, and a more robust national health insurance program. This initiative serves as a testament to the NHIA’s commitment to improving the well-being of the Nigerian people.

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