July 24, 2024

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Oghe Day Celebration, A symbol of Pride, Unity and Development in Ivioghe

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oghe day, ivioghe, akamiokgoe

The strength of a community is perceived through the ability of the people to establish and exhibit cohesion in words and deeds. This has become visible among the sons and daughters of Ivioghe community; old and young, home and abroad over the past years.

Tracing the historical events of the community and its place among other communities in Weppa, Wanno and Uzanu kingdoms in Etsakor East Local Government of Edo State, the trajectory of growth of the Ivioghe community has rested on individual efforts and as well as the interconnectedness of these individuals to form a strong force poised to show to the world its cultural treasures and to put it on global limelight.

The annual Oghe Day celebration is one of the established veritable platforms where the strength of unity, the ambience of celebration of strength and the rich culture of the people of Ivioghe is displayed and shown to the world.


The Oghe Okugbe Development Union held the first edition of Oghe day in August, 2007. Since the first edition, the event has continued to expand and increase in magnitude and glamor following its line-up of activities that as equally continued to attract participation by wider audience annually.

Oghe Day has become a symbol of pride and a symbol of unity of the community since it is a full representation of the pride of the culture of the Oghe people and a convergent point to share viable ideas for community growth and personal development.

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The 2024 edition of this event is scheduled to hold on the 25th of December, as usual, with line up of activities to entertain and allure indigens, non-indigens and the global audience.

The President General of Oghe Okugbe Development Union, Dr Sunny Akamiokhor, will hold a broadcast on Saturday, 29th of June 2024 by 10am as the first event heralding the celebration in December. This is to sensitize sons and daughters of Ivioghe and global cultural enthusiasts about the array of activities to make this year’s celebration spectacular.

CEM Television will transmit the broadcast live on www.cemtelevision.com  You can also view the live broadcast on Oghe Day facebook, Oghe Day youtube, CEM facebook and CEM youtube.

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