April 20, 2024

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Chief Mike Ozekhome Extols Esama of Benin’s Leadership and Legacy

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Chief Mike Ozekhome

CEM REPORT, CULTURE | In a recent display of mutual respect and admiration, prof. Mike Ozekhome, a distinguished legal icon, accompanied the Onojie of Igueben HRH Ehizojie Eluojierior II to pay a visit to the Esama of Benin, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, a highly esteemed traditional leader in Benin kingdom Nigeria. This visit, documented in a video available, served as a powerful testament to the enduring legacy and leadership qualities of the Esama, as well as an opportunity for Ozekhome to express his appreciation for the Esama’s contributions to society. Against the backdrop of ornate palace halls and regal decor, the meeting resonates with the echoes of history and the spirit of unity.

The Onojie of Igueben and Prof. Ozekhome in company of the Esan people in South Africa visited the Esama in his home in Johannesburg South Africa .

The Esama is lauded for his exceptional service to the Esan people. Ozekhome and other members of the Esama’s entourage shower him with praise, specifically highlighting his fatherly influence in the development of the people. Also highlighted was the instrumental role played in securing the release of a former governor from prison. These remarks serve as a powerful reminder of the Esama’s unwavering commitment to justice and his genuine care for the Isan people’s well-being.


Mike Ozekhome, known for his legal prowess and advocacy for justice, expressed his deep reverence for the Esama and the significance of their encounter. He described the Esama of Benin Kindom as an unquenchable flame that lits up others.

HE said; “Esama has remained an unquenchable candle that has lit many other candles with flame over the years, and as he lits others, the more his own is lit up luminous and incandescent”

The Esama, in turn, graciously receives the kind words and expresses his gratitude for the visit. He extends his congratulations to those present on their accomplishments and imparts valuable wisdom, urging them to prioritize their nation’s interests and uphold the laws of the countries in which they reside.

The visit culminates in a heartwarming gesture of appreciation, as the Esama is presented with a stunning piece of artwork. This presentation serves as a symbolic token of the immense respect and admiration held for the Esama by his people.

The Esama of Benin, Gabriel Igbinedion, reciprocated the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of preserving cultural ties and fostering community cohesion. He expressed his delight in witnessing individuals taking initiative and contributing positively to society. This sentiment underscores the Esama’s unwavering dedication to fostering a better future for his community and inspiring others to follow suit.

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Significant of Mike Ozekhome’visit

Chief Mike Ozekhome’s visit to the Esama of Benin transcends a mere courtesy call. It embodies a profound respect for tradition, leadership, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. The exchange of warm words, the presentation of a thoughtful gift, and the Esama’s fatherly advice all contribute to the richness of this encounter, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

The exchange between Chief Ozekhome and Chief Igbinedion also sheds light on the broader significance of cultural diplomacy in strengthening national identity and promoting intercultural understanding. As Nigeria grapples with the challenges of modernization and globalization, initiatives that celebrate tradition and honour esteemed figures like the Esama of Benin becomes increasingly vital.

Furthermore, the visit underscores the importance of recognizing and honouring indigenous leadership structures, which play a pivotal role in governance and community development. By engaging with traditional rulers and cultural custodians, individuals like Ozekhome contribute to the preservation of Nigeria’s rich heritage and the promotion of inclusive governance.

The visit of Mike Ozekhome to the Esama of Benin serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring value of tradition and the power of cultural exchange to foster unity and mutual respect. As Nigeria navigates the complexities of a rapidly changing world, initiatives that celebrate our shared heritage and honour our esteemed leaders are more important than ever.

By embracing our cultural roots and paying homage to revered figures like Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, Chief Mike Ozekhome exemplifies the spirit of unity and reverence for tradition that defines the Nigerian experience.

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