April 20, 2024

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Nigeria Scores 61.8% in Inaugural Customer Service Index

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Customer service

CEM REPORT, TRADE | Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has received a mixed score in its first-ever Nigeria Customer Service Index (NCSI) report, launched on Wednesday in Lagos.

The report, titled “State of Customer Service in Nigeria,” gave the country a 61.8% rating, falling under the category of “poor” on the index’s grading system.

Neighboring Ghana, with a score of 73%, fares better, prompting calls for improvement from industry leaders.

Room for Growth, Says Industry Experts

While the score paints a picture of areas needing improvement, industry leaders see it as an opportunity for growth. Yvonne MacCarthy, board chair of the West African Association of Customer Service Professionals (WAACSP), emphasizes the need for improvement: “Some organisations should know better and try to make changes this year,” she states.

Sola Ajulo, WAACSP patron, echoes this sentiment, highlighting Nigeria’s potential: “Being the giant of Africa, we need to aspire to do better. Our goal must be that every interaction leaves a lasting impression. Every customer must feel valued and appreciated enough.”

The NCSI Index

The NCSI serves as a national benchmark for customer perceptions of service quality across various sectors in Nigeria. The data, gathered from over 8,000 respondents through a web-based questionnaire, covers nine sectors of the economy.

The research employed a quantitative design with simple random sampling, collecting data from January to December 2023 through both online and offline channels. Each metric was converted to percentiles and weighted based on respondent-prioritized significance.

The NCSI report delves deeper, analyzing customer perceptions across nine sectors of the economy. Eight key metrics shape this analysis: trust, branches, branding and outlook, competence, complaint resolution, ease of doing business, processes and procedures, professionalism, and customer focus.

The grading system classifies scores as follows: 95-100 percent (Grade A) is exceptional; 90-94 percent (Grade B plus), excellent; 85-89 percent (Grade B), very good; 80-84 percent (Grade C plus), good; 75-79 percent (Grade C); fair; 60-69 percent, poor (Grade D); 55-59 percent (Grade E plus), very poor; and below 55 percent (Grade E), dismal.

The report explains that “for every sector, the satisfaction index is calculated by taking the mean score for the customer experience metrics, converting it to percentiles, and multiplying it by a weighting that reflects the importance score of each measure.” This ensures a nuanced understanding of what truly matters to customers.

The report also provides a detailed breakdown of scores across different sectors, allowing businesses to benchmark their performance and identify areas for improvement. This data can be a valuable tool for enhancing customer experiences and driving growth.

Additionally, the report emphasizes its independence and integrity, highlighting its role in raising awareness about customer service standards in Nigeria.

A Call to Action for Businesses

Ajulo emphasizes the importance of the NCSI for businesses: “Nigerian businesses and service providers now have a tool to benchmark their performance, identify areas of improvement, and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.”

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While the first NCSI report highlights areas for improvement, it also represents a significant step towards enhancing customer service standards in Nigeria. With the right focus and commitment from businesses, Nigeria can certainly improve its customer service score and achieve its potential as a leader in Africa.

Looking Ahead

The report delves deeper into the specific scores of each sector, providing valuable insights for businesses within each industry.

The NCSI methodology and data collection process offer transparency and credibility to the findings.

Experts predict the index will become an annual benchmark, tracking progress and driving improvement in Nigerian customer service.

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