April 23, 2024

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Akamiokhor to Discuss State of Nation’s Economy

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CEM ANNOUNCER, ECONOMY | The Nigerian economy has experienced turbulence in the last eight years in the hands of the last government of Muhammadu Buhari due to policies which were either considered inappropriate or ineffectively implemented or in their lag period. The struggling economy which was inherited by the current administration started to receive more shocks from first day such as the removal of petroleum subsidy by the current government of Bola Tinubu which has further exacerbated the headwinds against its growth.

While the economy is confronted with high inflation, high exchange rate, weakened growth, huge debt and dwindling revenue, there are optimism in some quarters on the recovery of the economy anchored on specific parameters. One of the parameters is the reinvestment of the funds saved from the subsidy removal which also is heavily dependent on certain fiscal policies.

Patrick Akamiokhor will x-ray those factors (policies) that have interplayed to result in the current state of the Nigerian economy as well as factors leading to where the economy is heading. He will be speaking on the ‘State of Nation’s Economy’ program hosted by CEM Television; an online television committed to fostering growth and development of the Nigerian economy.


Patrick Akamiokhor worked with Central Bank of Nigeria in Administration, Human resources and Bank Examinations. Worked with Devcom Merchant Bank Ltd and Equitorial Trust Bank Ltd in Internal Audit and banking Operations. Promoted and managed Forward Bureau De Change Ltd and Assets Microfinance Bank Ltd as MD/CEO. A professional Chartered Accountant, Banker, Stockbrokers and also holds two Masters degrees in Banking and Finance and Business Administration (MBF & MBA).

State of the Nation’s Economy is a weekly one-on-one program designed to have an in-depth scrutiny and analysis of the historical and recent trends leading to current economic conditions with a view for viewers to gain an understanding of where we are and where we are heading.

Viewers are invited to watch the conversation on www.cemtelevision.com on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 by 11.00am


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