February 26, 2024

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X to Introduce Voice and Video Call Features, Update Privacy Policy


CEM REPORT, TECHNOLOGY | X (formerly Twitter), has announced plans to introduce voice and video call features on the platform, anytime soon.

The microblogging platform also declared readiness to implement changes to its privacy policy.

Billionaire, Elon Musk revealed that the intended voice and video call features would not require phone numbers to operate.


He said the features would work on different operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, meaning that users would also be able to make calls not only on their phones but also on computers.

Musk said: “Video & audio calls coming to X: Works on iOS, Android, Mac and PC, no phone number needed. X is the effective global address book that set of factors is unique.”

He described X as the “effective global address book” but did not specify a release date for the new calling feature.

The intended features will place X in a fierce rivalry with other social media platforms, especially Meta (Facebook, WhatsApp…).

The intended features can also be seen as responses to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta (Facebook) owner, Twitter-like app, Threads, launched recently.

Meanwhile, in another report, X is set to implement a new privacy policy that will involve the collection of biometric data from its users, including photographs of their faces.

According to a Thursday update to the company’s privacy policy users subscribed to the X Premium service will have the option to voluntarily provide a selfie and photo ID for verification purposes.

The updated policy statement also reveals X’s intention to gather information related to users’ employment and educational history.

X explained that the information will be used to recommend jobs and share with potential employers when users apply for jobs.

“We may collect and use your personal information (such as your employment history, educational history, employment preferences, skills and abilities, job search activity and engagement, and so on) to recommend potential jobs for you, to share with potential employers when you apply for a job, to enable employers to find potential candidates, and to show you more relevant advertising.”

Speculation has arisen that X may be exploring the possibility of offering recruitment services, especially given its recent acquisition of a tech recruiting service called Laskie in May. This marked X Corp’s first acquisition since Elon Musk’s purchase of X (then known as Twitter) for $44 billion last year.

Musk has hinted severally on competing with the LinkedIn job platform after which he said, he planned to make X the everything platform.

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Since the Musk takeover last October, he has introduced lots of changes to the platform including making the blue check mark a subscription-only feature, introducing community notes, monetization of content, and the recent change of the company’s name to X, among several other changes.

According to Africa Fact Zone, South Africa had 9.3 million X users to rank number one; Egypt ranked second with 5.15 million users, followed by Nigeria.

Morocco came fourth with 2.85 million X users; Kenya was fifth as of January with 1.35 million customers and Tanzania was sixth with 891,500 users.

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