February 26, 2024

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Globacom @ 20


…Episode 1 of 5

CEM SPECIAL, TELECOMM | Hurray! Glo is 20! Nigerians are not only excited, but there is a palpable sense of pride over the fact that an indigenous company has been able to stay strong in the telecommunication industry, having initiated multiple breakthroughs and still creating multi-directional impact in the telecommunication industry; the digital space and the Nigerian economy at large.

Telling the story of Globacom at 20 is likened to the metaphoric mountain of pounded yam in Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’. Those on one side didn’t know that there were others on the other side eating the same mountain of yam. There was a common feeling among all that participated in the feast; that feeling of satisfaction and a common benefit.


In reality, it is not possible to tell the 20year story of Glo from a singular perspective. While the core industry’s operational and consumer-centric disruption created by Globacom is and will remain a fulcrum and hinge in the celebration of Globacom, there is an aspect that has exemplified the generous and empathetic personality of the Chairman of Globacom; Otunba Mike Adenuga.

The benevolence of Uncle Mike (as we have chosen to call him) is conspicuously felt in the gigantic size of Globacom PROMOs. It can be confidently said that almost every Glo promo has changed lives; effected a remarkable lifting in social status, business growth and psychological re-direction.

Continental Economy Magazine, CEM Television and its subsidiaries have chosen to celebrate Globacom on its 20th anniversary with the insignia; GLO BIG PROMOs (or, GLO-NORMOUS PROMOs?). As huge as this may sound, it is noteworthy that this is just a fair caption for the enormous impact the Glo brand has made on households, the creative and tourism industries in Nigeria.

This accolade, as we celebrate Globacom at 20, stands on a 3 golden-legged platform and beams its earned radiance having so remarkably established its presence and made an indelible mark in the lives of citizens of our great country Nigeria. While Glo promos lift lives, making them meaningful, the entertainment stars are experiencing a deep sense of reward for their creativity through a historic and unrivaled ambassadorial package.

The third golden leg is the glamour that Globacom has brought into our cultural festivals through awesome sponsorships that have unlocked the doors unto the whole world and enabling participation of non-nationals in the festivals. While glamour is brought on one hand, sponsorship by Glo becomes an epitome of corporate participation in indigenous culture and traditions. Festivals such as Ojude Oba, Lisabi and Ofala have received sponsorship under this support for our cultural heritage.

The discussion of Globacom’s impact in the corporate social responsibility arena is long enough to make a lifelong documentary. That does not replace the defining disruption the giant triggered in the telecommunication industry. It is boldly said that had Globacom not come into the picture, Nigerians would probably be forced to keep paying a lot more for telecommunication services.

In this regard, Glo remains a historic game changer worthy of celebration by telecom users; industry regulators and teaming industry self-employees.

More of the strategies by Globacom that led to a complete transformation of the telecommunication industry as well as the BIG PROMOs and unrivaled acts of corporate social responsibility will be elaborately discussed in the coming episodes of this five-episode series, specially designed to applaud the giant stride it has made in the industry.

…to be continued

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