September 25, 2023

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X Pays Nigerian Content Creators


CEM REPORT, ICT | X formerly Twitter have beamed its ad revenue sharing to Nigerian content creators as creators have taken to their handles to share screenshot of their ad revenue dashboard.

X had started paying U.S creators in early July and assured that it will extend the gesture to the global users by the end of July.

According to the social media platform, its payment processor currently supports over 100 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and other African countries.

Big Ayo, who posted a screenshot of his payment of N430,960.74, sent a friendly greeting to Elon Musk.

“Well, Good Morning Elon Musk.”

Abazz, a verified user, expressed his gratitude with a shared screenshot of his ad revenue dashboard showing the sum of N220,345.65 received payment.

‘Woke up to receive alert, Thank you Elon.”

Solomon Buchi, while confirming his payment, expressed the delight of being rewarded for airing his opinions.

“I got paid by Twitter, now known as X. I tweet my opinions, commentators, views, and people are blessed, however, it’s also nice to be paid for it!”

General Oluchi playfully thanked Musk for the credit alert she received, humorously saying,

“Elon Musk, shey you dey whine me like this? I don get alert for Twitter ad revenue. Elon Musk, thank you o!”

Napaul expressing his delight in the payment said “Bruh, it’s almost like I’m dreaming tbh. unlike me, I’m struggling to put the words together. YES!! I Woke Up To Credit Alert From Elon Musk!!! & mahn for just tweeting & making myself happy?! E loud I swear.”

With this stream of payment creators who ignored paying the subscription for the blue badge would be encouraged to do so rather than posting content they wouldn’t get paid for.

Recall that CEM reported on X payment to IS Content creators.

To be eligible for the ad revenue sharing, the content creator must have subscribed to Twitter Blue or be a verified organization according to X.

Creators must also have at least 500 followers and 5 million impressions on posts in each of the last 3 months.

Furthermore, post must pass human review for Creator Monetization Standards. All payments will be made into a provided Stripe account.

For further criteria read here.

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