July 16, 2024

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GenNext Forum: Your Career Success is Dependent on These 5 Principles – Emmanuella Tijani

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CEM REPORT, CORPORATE EVENTS | Emmanuella Tijani is one of the vibrant speakers that made the day for Nigerian youths that attended the just concluded maiden edition of the Generation Nest Forum Organized by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria

Emmanuella Tijani declared to the teaming youth in a convincing tone that five basic principles hold the key to a rewarding career in any field.

Despite the notion that change is the only constant thing Emmanuella says that these principles will not change and will always produce results when applied religiously.


Proclaiming the gospel of the principles, Product Marketing Manager, Sterling Bank, Emmanuel Tijani urged the audience of over five thousand graduates and under-graduates alike to adopt the principles which she tagged the “first principles thinking”.

“What I’m about to talk to you about very quickly today is, in a changing world, there are principles that have not changed. Five principles; they are basic truths that do not change.

“But not before I encourage you to adopt, what I call first principles thinking. First principles are the basic principle that whether you are born in 1919, it remains the same for everyone.

“And I’m hoping to leave five of them with you today if you want to have a rewarding career.”

Tijani elaborated that failure to follow this principle will stagnate their career. She continued noting that the anticipated magic of landing a job can only be brought to light when one has invested in building a rewarding career.

She termed the 1st principle; It is you.

“The first of them is; It is you. And what it means for you is that you must take charge of your career. You cannot take a spectator seat, you cannot take the back seat in your career. You have to be the CEO of this thing called career. Those who have a rewarding career took charge of their career, they continue to invest in themselves.

“Because until you take charge of your career, nothing will really change. So you need to continuously invest in yourself. You need to learn.

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She stressed that no investment and development in career growth will produce one of two sufferings.

“In life, you are going to suffer one kind of two things. Either it’s the pain of indiscipline or the pain of regret?

“You take charge of your career means that you are going to be disciplined and it’s going to show in how you show up for yourself every single day.”

She listed the 2nd principle to be adaptiveness.

She urged the audience to be adaptive to industry changes stating that before industry 5.0 there was industry 1.0 adding that to stay relevant in a changing industry graduates need to gather real experiences.

“The second thing is that you must be adaptable. You have heard about industry 5.0, you have heard about high robotics and what have you? More change is coming, and you must adapt.

“Life is not a straight line. Many of us expect to go from here to here to here to here. I’m sorry to disappoint you you might have to start somewhere and then go to where you do not expect.

“Make sure that you’re doing something that gives you a real experience.”

Tijani called 3rd principle; “solved problems“.

She stated that everybody who had a rewarding career had this principle in mind.

She explained that social media have pre-programmed us to be people who are consistently consuming, she added that solving difficult problems will better make a career more rewarding.

She noted constantly consuming what others have created will leave a career dormant.

“The third thing is to solve problems. Your career if you want it to be rewarding can never go away from this principle.

“When it comes to solving difficult problems, you need to consistently get into the mind of a creator. We want to consume what others have created but as soon as you tweak that and you become a creator something significant happens to you that transforms your career.

Stay tuned for the other principles.

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