April 23, 2024

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Jay Inspires; Addressing Societal Vices, Speaks on New Movie “TOXIC”

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CEM REPORT, PERSONALITIES | Several vices play out in our society daily that needs to be brought to light. The entertainment industry has continued to spread its influence in educating society about these vices.

Latest to air her views on the vice of abuse in relationships is Justina Samuel Iwok popularly known as Jay Inspires; a mother of four, an actress, film producer, musician and an estate consultant. She has been in the industry for a while, writing short films since secondary school.

CEM caught up with Jay Inspires to discuss her new movie Toxic. The movie produced by her, centres around a Laura married to abusive Richard.


Although Laura is the financial strength of the home, Richard manages her affairs yet abuses her endlessly.

The movie Jay Inspires reveals is inspired by the death of the late Osinachi who reported died at the hands of an abusive relationship.

She explained that the movie is to empower and educate women in toxic relationships on what to do to preserve their life, hence the title ‘”TOXIC”.

“Toxic is a film I’m using to create awareness about toxic relationship. A lot of people are in toxic relationship and don’t even realize it.”

Catch the full interview on Continental Economy YouTube handle here.

Speaking on funding for the project TOXIC, Jay reveals that she couldn’t have done it without sponsors, she however did not reveal the cost implications for the project.  She informed CEM that other movies in the making are still open for funding and sponsorship.

She intends to continue to expose several vices in society that are not given the necessary attention. She explained that she has several scripts ready for production which treats various vices in today’s society but requires funding.

“My vision for making films is to address societal heels. For this movie, it’s for toxic relationship, my next will also be on something that is happening – societal heels, I want to make public for people to be aware of how to take caution and precautions.”

Speaking on her future in the industry Jay Inspires that in ten years she tends to have her film company where she will groom and promote up-and-coming actors and actresses. She further added that she also intends to put out more work to correct and empower society against several vices.

Toxic is a movie written and produced by Jay Inspires and directed by Peter Trippy.

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