April 23, 2024

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Patrick Akamiokhor Turns 60, Calls for Equity in Nigeria

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CEM REPORT, PERSONALITY | It was a day to reminisce and receive love from family, friends and well wishes as the Chairman of Continental Economy Magazine, Patrick Akamiokhor celebrated diamond jubilee.

The business mogul turned his 60th calendar on June 15.

Everyone gathered at the close event described Akamiokhor as a humanitarian who lives and works just to serve humanity.


While others described him as a businessman who is ready and willing to grow the business of others, some described him as a God-fearing person worth emulating.

Akamiokhor speaking on the day stated that the essence of humanity is to be good to people. He added that social status and life’s achievements are not complete without touching the life of people.

“I have seen good people, at a stage they began to reap the fruit of their being good. So it’s always good to be good, that’ is it.

“There is nothing in this life than being good. Every other thing is secondary, whatever you acquire, whatever you get, be good to people that’s the essence of humanity.”

Describing his journey to 60, he said service to God and humanity has kept him thus far.

“The thing is that, as a human being, you need to realise that there is a power somewhere. “There is a power somewhere that every country of the world has a name for. That is God and we must revere him. Since I realize that it is God and he is supreme over everything I have no option than to serve him, he’s all I have.”

He noted that his life’s achievements have been by the permission of God

“Whatever you have achieved in this world is because God wants you to achieve it. The day God says no, you have no option.

“Everything I’ve achieved to date is to the glory of God.

On his wish and hope for Nigeria, he stated that he wishes for a balance in the resources of Nigeria such that what is available will serve all.

He described the situation of Nigeria as a case where those who have are wasting it while others are in penury.

“To Nigeria, my dear country, this is the only country I have. I pray that God will touch Nigerians because the issue is that there are people who have so much that they are wasting and there are people who have little or nothing and are suffering.

“If there’s a balance, whatever is available in this country, can serve all of us.”

While praying for unity in the country Akamiokhor noted that until Nigerian leaders realise that we exist for ourselves the country will continue on the wrong path.

“My prayer is that God changes the heart of leaders. People in power know that we all exist for ourselves.

“That Nigeria continues to exist and every child born in this country should not have reason to suffer.”

Chief Executive Officer of Continental Economy Magazine, Jacob Ipogah, who was present at the ceremony, hailed Akamiokhor as a mentor who showed him the ropes in business.

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He went on to say that the celebrant is a proof that dedication to humanity yields infinite rewards.

The celebrant was described as a straightforward, honest businessman by Senior High Chief (Dr) Kennedy Izuagbbe, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Continental Economy Magazine. He also stated that he has loved working with Akamiokhor.

Patrick Akamiokhor is a father to many people, including Chief Operations Manager Robert Ipogah, who said as much during a speech at the ceremony.

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