July 24, 2024

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Nigeria Exports Fresh Pepper to Europe

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Cargo clearance - Q3 2023 Trade

CEM REPORT, TRADE | Following a high rate of rejections and prohibitions overseas over poor packaging, documentation and alleged noncompliance with set standards, Nigeria has had it difficult to export agricultural products.

Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) Food and Beverages Limited has changed the narrative when it successfully dispatched fresh pepper consignments to Europe.

The handling company, a subsidiary of NAHCO Aviance made the export after being certified by the Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) and after consultation with foreign food standards Agencies.


Emmanuel Illah, Senior Business Development Manager, New Business, NAHCO Aviance, described the steps that led to the start of the food exports. He said that the project was a part of NAHCO’s larger expansion strategy, which was driven by three main goals: growth, risk reduction, and profitability.

Indranil Gupta, group managing director and CEO of NAHCO Aviance, noted that this development came at a time when several stakeholders had recognized packaging as a significant obstacle for Nigerian exports.

Gupta continued by saying that the company was making significant efforts to help regional farmers realize their aspirations of exporting high-quality goods to markets in Europe, America, and Asia.

“We appreciate the hard work some of our farmers put into producing their goods. NAHCO is trying to support them to export these products to make these efforts more worthwhile for them. It is also a way of generating scarce foreign exchange for the country.”

Revealing the company’s plans to hire new off-takers or consignees. “The marketing campaign and planned roadshow will take care of this. We plan to expand the product range substantially in due course to accommodate the requests from the diaspora markets,”

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It will be recalled that more cargo airlines have been leaving Nigerian airports without exportable goods, much to the chagrin of stakeholders and loss of foreign exchange earnings worth billions of dollars each year.

The country also experienced a decline in the export of agricultural produce in 2022 as a result of a high rate of rejections and prohibitions overseas due to poor packaging, documentation, and alleged noncompliance with set standards.

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