December 5, 2023

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Nigeria Decides: Thuggery and BVAS Disenfranchise Voters


CEM REPORT, ELECTION | Voting has officially ended across Nigeria. Electoral officers are counting and recording votes at their units whilst expected to return to collection centres.

Reports of thuggery and other spells of violence have been heard in several parts of Lagos and Nigeria. The failure of BVAS to accredit some people even though they appear on the list.

In a video  posted by actress Kate Henshaw, she said her details and that of many other did not appear on the BVAS and were hence disenfranchised to vote, she called out to INCE to resolve the issue.


However, in another post she said INEC officials came with a different BVAS which capture everyone. She noted that the previous BVAS didn’t find names from the letter “H”.

In another report, the Governor of Rivers State expressed great disappointment as the BVAS did not recognise him to enable him to vote.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the BVAS also failed to recognise the thumb or face of Governor Wike’s wife, Suzzet, as the Presiding Officer, Agatha Abiokun, battled in vain to have them accredited.

“I have stayed here for about 25 minutes. I was told to go and come back. We are highly disappointed. If a number of people are disenfranchised, what do you expect? People will lose their temper and anything could happen,” Wike said.

The Presiding Officer, Abiokun, however, pleaded with the governor to wait as she had sent for an INEC technician to rectify the anomaly.

Another video going viral reveals a thug in Surulere area of Lagos telling voters in presence of INEC staff to go home except they were voting for APC. He threatened to deal with anyone who votes for any other party.

Another viral video reveals MC Oluomo at his polling unit threatening all Igbos in that unit, not the vote. In the video, he makes his boast in presence of INEC officials and is been consoled by a policeman.

In Edo state (north) reports of INEC officials taken away by officials of the PDP office have reached CEM. In a video posted by Labour Party, sensitive material and other election equipment were fully set up but were waiting for the presence of INEC staff and the BVAS.



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