December 4, 2023

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RCCG LP 98 Empowering People, Promoting Skills


CEM REPORT, HUMANITY | In a bid to ensure better life and improved livelihoods for both Christians and non-Christians alike in Nigeria, the Redeemed Christian Church of God Lagos Province 98 empowered several citizens during the two weeks skill empowerment programme which took place at the RCCG Living Hope Provincial Headquarter, Grammar School, Agbele, Ikorodu, Lagos.

It is easier to give a fish to a hungry person to assuage his or her hunger temporarily. But when such a person is given the right equipment to catch fishes personally that connotes a lasting positive empowerment process. That may well have been the focus of the newly created Redeemed Christian Church of God Lagos Province 98 where both the worshippers and non-worshippers, in a life-changing experience, benefited from the caring heart of the church.

According to Pastor Sunday Adeniyi, Pastor in Charge of Lagos Province 98 in his word of exhortation at the graduation ceremony yesterday titled ‘Miracle from the little thing’ from the book of 2 kings 4: 1-7, stated that the wife of the son of prophet went to Elisha to inform him that she had serious issue of debt. The creditors had come to take away her sons into slavery.


In order to solve her problem, Elisha asked what she had which God can use as a point of contact to reach out to help her and give her desired miracle, he said.

He further explained that the woman initially said that she had nothing. However, she remembered the *little pot of oil* she had and Elisha told her what to do she obeyed, and she experienced *miracle from the little thing

Pastor Adeniyi also said that the lesson to learn is that ‘you may have some financial needs presently, and you don’t know the way out. There can be *financial miracle from little skill* you have learnt and the skill may look little, however it has the potential to meet your needs. He also cited the book of Zechariah 4:10 which gave a counsel that we must not despise the day of *little beginning* and book of Job 8:7 says, *”Though thy beginning was small (with little thing) yet your latter end should greatly increase.*
Every seed is little; however, it has the potential to become a tree and eventually mighty forest. The Skill you have learnt is like a Seed with great potential for big financial miracles, he said.

Pastor Adeniyi also listed the requirements for the Seed of your Skill to produce financial miracle as follows:
✓You must sow the Seed of your Skill. This means you must practice what you have learnt. Do the business diligently.
✓You must do the necessary thing to take care of your skill in order to ensure that your business is growing.
✓You must have faith that with the backing of God, your business would succeed.

He stated in his conclusion that ‘there are several success stories of many businesses that started small/little, but have grown very big. Yours will have such success story in Jesus mighty name’.

Pastor Sunday used the opportunity to admonish all graduating entrepreneurs that whatever your hand findeth to do, do with all your heart. He also expressed his gratitude to General Overseer Pastor Adeboye, who initiated the RCCG Christian Social Responsibility to reach out and be a blessing to the world.
He prayed for those graduands that are yet to surrender their lives to Jesus.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Adegbola Arole, Assistant Pastor in Charge of Province (CSR) said that we believe in mixing spirituality with business because the Bible says faith without work is dead. Even Jesus Christ preached and worked and Proverb 22: 29 says that a man who is diligent in his work will stand before Kings and not mere men.

Jesus Christ Himself had business according to Act chapter 6. Whom shall we choose to appoint over this business? He also taught us to do our business and make business. If you don’t have business, you cannot make business. Jesus wants us to make profit in the Kingdom, he added.

It was gathered that a lot of energy and commitment have been brought into the empowerment project by the team members who are professionals in their various fields of expertise with national and international professional certifications and the training process were 100 per cent practical with each student having relevant machines and tools to themselves throughout the training programme.

At the training many programmes were embarked upon such as fashion design; Hair Styling and wig making; Website design & digital marketing; Catering Services; Auto gele ; among others with over 100 participants benefitted.

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