September 23, 2023

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Globacom Dominates North Central States in Telecom Provision


CEM REPORT, TELECOMMUNICATION | The Nigerian telecommunication industry, against all odds has been able to prove itself supportive in the developmental drive of Nigeria having been able to considerably expand its coverage across the country in providing voice and internet communication

In all fairness, the competition in the industry has catalyzed investments and innovations by network providers despite huge infrastructural deficits leveraging the robust market to continue to extend network to the unconnected.

Globacom, the only indigenous telecommunication company in the country is one that have shown tenacity through strategic market promotions and investment in facilities to have and maintained a good share of the market as the second after MTN and ahead of Airtel.

The network provider, ahead of MTN, is a market leader in the North Central Zone of Nigeria comprising of Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, and the Federal Capital Territory.

According to the report on Active Voice and Internet per State, Porting and Tariff released in February covering Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2021, Glo maintained its dominance in the zone for the three quarters especially for voice subscription.

In Q2’22, voice subscription for Globacom stood      at 12,506,386 while MTN pooled 9,920,701 and followed by Airtel with 8,027,556. For Internet subscription, Globacom led the zone with 9,519,259 while MTN and Airtel followed with 8,193,565 and 5,765,817 respectively. Total subscription figures for Glo stood at 22,025,645 making it the dominant provider, MTN got 18,114,266 as 2nd while with a total of 13,793,373 sunscribers, Airtel came 3rd.

Figures for Q3’22 followed similar patter with Glo leading with 12,748,584 in voice subscription while MTN followed with 11,788,511. Airtel came 3rd with 8,049,674. MTN came ahead with a little margin in internet subscription with 9,470,249 while Glo came close 2nd with 9,416,233 and Airtel 3rd with 5,873,744. A total of 22,164,817 subscribers kept Glo on the lead while MTN followed with a total 21,258,760 subscribers. Airtel maintained its 3rd position with a total of 13,923,418 subscribers

Glo maintained its lead in voice subscription in Q4’22 with 13,184,729 while MTN stayed second having pooled 11,964,189. Airtel came third with 8,583,001. For active internet subscription, Glo had 9,610,046 a little behind MTN which had 9,700,425 and ahead of Airtel which had 6,100,539. In total Glo kept its lead with 22,794,775, MTN came second with 21,664,614 while Airtel came third with 14,683,540.

The pandemic had a tremendous impact in the use of internet with increase in virtual meetings and work from home from 2022. Data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have showed that telecommunications contributed as much as 12.45% to the GDP in the last quarter of 2020, up from 10.60% in the same quarter of the preceding year. This growth is attributable to increased demand, several years of policy implementation, and investment drive in the sector.

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In Q1 2022 report on Active Voice and Internet per State, Porting and Tariff released recently by NBS, a total of 199,558,540 active voice subscribers were recorded compared to 192,413,613 in Q1 2021. This represents a 3.71% rise in voice subscriptions Year-on-Year. On a Quarter-on-Quarter basis, growth stood at 2.09%.

Similarly, a total of 145,851,496 active internet subscribers were recorded in Q1 2022 compared to 144,949,194 in Q1 2021. This represents a 0.62% increase in active internet subscriptions Year-on-Year. On state analysis, Lagos had the highest number of active voice subscribers in Q1 2022 with 24,226,878, followed by Kano with 11,666,630 and Ogun with 11,537,006, while Bayelsa had the least with 1,445,123, followed by Ekiti with 1,786,160.

Again, Lagos State stood top for active internet subscriptions recorded at 17,839,569, followed by Ogun with 8,538,812 and Kano with 8,364,587. On the other hand, Bayelsa had the least with 1,043,059, followed by Ebonyi and Ekiti with 1,230,081 and 1,373,888 respectively. However, MTN had the highest share of subscriptions in Q1 2022.

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