February 26, 2024

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Edo to Raise Bond to Fund Education


CEM REPORT, EDUCATION | The Edo State Government has said it is considering an education bond to raise the needed funds to urgently revamp the state’s education sector in the state.

The government noted that it needs to invest massively in the education sector of the state and it is open to receiving funds from citizens of the state.

The state governor Godwin Obaseki, disclosed this while addressing government officials who went on schools’ monitoring across the state,


“Just listening to all the submissions of heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Commissioners and Special Advisers who monitored schools across the state at the resumption, there is an urgent need to, as a government, roll out a marshal plan and agree to look for a substantial amount of money either from our budget or from our citizens to invest massively in education over the next five years. If we don’t, we would have a crisis.

“We need to build more schools. We are saying people should go to school, yet we are not finding them, classes. We have people who are ready to train these children, we just have to upgrade their skills and motivate them. We should look for ways to make the investment and make education and schooling more attractive.”

He noted that his administration will continue to partner with all stakeholders to ensure all-around development in the state.

“We will reinvest massively in education as we are ready to raise an education bond. We are ready to go around the world pleading with the Edo people to help us raise an education bond and reinvest massively in education. Even if it’s N50 billion or N100 billion that need to be raised to be put into our schools and train our next generation, we will do it. We can’t continue like this.

“In another 20 to 30 years, we would be old and if we fail to invest in education massively and train our children, they can’t be there for us.”

Obaseki called upon members of the private sector to adopt a school to further strengthen the government’s effort.

“I urge participants and members of the private sector to adopt a school, monitor the same and report back to enable the state government to do the needful because the government can’t do it alone.”

He added that the target of the government is to ensure every child 8n the state gets basic education.

“Basic education is free and compulsory and as a government, we want to focus on our schools to improve access to education, ensuring quality education in all our schools across the state. This action or move is to ensure all our children and even those that are not our children but reside in the state all go to school.

“We are ready and prepared to go to Mission Road in Benin City to clear out all the children which are now used for street begging. These children have no reason to remain in the street to beg; they either go back to school or go back to where they come from.”

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