The Journey of Self Reliance: How Prepared is Africa? (2)


CEM INSPIRATION | The fears of imminent wars, adversaries, and sanctions have driven nations to a compulsory quest for self reliance. With a rapt focus on indigenous production, counties are liberating themselves from the “spell” of importation. Africa what are your plans?

Africa, do not be quick to think you have caring Big Brothers up West! These “big boys” will persuade you to fire on with your folly, lead you to the middle of the ocean before you realise you can’t swim. When you start drowning, who will dive to your rescue? They recite inciting grammars like incantations, and make you fight your own brothers. When calamities come biting, who will you run to? When the drums of war start sounding, where will you seek refuge? I’ll advise you learn from the current wars.

I beseech you, great continent of Africa, attend to my voice while it’s still day. Slam your doors against importation of things you can produce, shut your borders against activities that renders your youths unemployed, lift up your walls against innovations that makes you poorer by investing more in learning technology and spending less in buying technology, motivate your economy, invest with honesty, breed your livestock, and cultivate your lands; for you have absolute advantage in agriculture. Yes! you heard me right. I said absolute advantage!

Bring your heads together, look inward and find your true self. The need for self reliance can’t be overstated. Let’s take Nigeria as an example, since Nigeria shut her borders against rice importation, we have seen a commendable increase in local production and also in quality. As at today, the quality of the Nigerian rice can compete anywhere in the world. I implore all sons and daughters of Africa irrespective of location to go back to the drawing board, create wealth, build Africa by investing in Africa.

There are so many padlocks on the doors of economic potentials waiting to be unlocked; the key is unity. I therefore call on the African Union (AU), to fan the flames of unity from every side by making policies and implementing strategies that will compel or confine us to have inevitable need for each other.

O Africa, I am reminding you today that everyone has a motive, so stop looking for empathy where there is none, build your house and stop fighting your brothers. The only Big Brother you have is the unity and preparedness you can build now.

God Bless Africa!

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How I pray that we hear these things loudly in the streets of Africa


Africa will be great.