April 14, 2024

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How to Make Money While Watching Football

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CEM INSIGHT | The thrill of seeing our favourite stars on the pitch can be so fulfilling that it takes away the desire for other needs. With club football season over all eyes will switch to international competitions although club football still brings all the fun to us.

The game has become a means of escape from our momentarily challenges but the reality remains that the economy is dwindling like a pendulum and this reality unfortunately becomes a burden when seeing our team loose.

With everyone is looking for other source of income, football can also become one, although you may be familiar with the regular betting option, there are other means of making income while enjoying the game.


In this report, well researched strategies have been listed to earn you money while enjoying the game.

Prediction Selling

Digital or online betting is not new to football fans but you may not know that you can do more than just win your prediction, you can also sell it.

While many spend hours trying to predict correctly you can save them the stress by predicting for them, at a price or commission. Although prediction can go south but what is football without offset.

The trick here is to gather a community on social media who you can exchange predictions ideas with and charge for your prediction.

As simple as it sound note that many will refuse to pay at first so you may have to give a few predictions for free to gain trust. As long as your predictions are nearly accurate you’ll do well.

Betting Account Manager

This is one means many have not really looked into. The same way social media managers are employed, your can offer your betting skills for a price or commission.

People own betting account but make little or no money from it. You can manage their accounts for a certain period of time or for a targeted amount. This means you will place predict and place bets on behalf of your client.

While many may worry over the safety of their funds, bookies have made it impossible to withdraw funds to an account different from the name used in opening the account. You can assure your client with this rule.

Digital Bookmakers

The most popular way to make money from football is to place bets on the matches. Although this increase the pressure on you while seeing the game, it also increase the fun, as you’ll be more invested in the match.

Placing bets on a match has variety of options such as shops or online but you may not have taken advantage of the crypto bookmakers. While this is a means to grow your crypto currency, it is also a safe and convenient way to place a bet.

The popular one is the Ethereum betting but options like Bitcoin, XRP among others are available.

Football Craft

If you can create things with your hands then this is a good option for you.

The way people like to rep their team can become a source of wealth for you. You can create beautiful crafts such as wristband, shoes, or any fashionable item people will be interested in.

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Success in this business all depends on your creativity and uniqueness of your product. The plus side to this is you can list your products on E-commerce websites for more exposure and customer base.

You can also create your own E-commerce website with the right training and tools.

Affiliate Marketing

You maybe confused on why this is a way to make money from football, but I tell you many are making money from it.

Affiliate marketing, simply involves selling another business’s products or services, and then making a profit from the final sale.

You may not be aware that there are various products people want but can’t reach. You can bring it to them and make profit from the sale. Items like football memorabilia are rare, people or collectors desire them as it brings beautiful memory of the game to them.

Imagine laying your hands on the shirt of Messi or Ronaldo or the football played at the championship league final, imagine how much you’ll sell that. You can even sell tickets to actual football matches. Affiliate marketing also goes well with E-commerce.


Football blogs are becoming a thing to reckon with today. This blogs provide updates on scores, news, prediction and other related football information.

While this maybe best fit for writers, there is also the option of video blogging, where you can put your thoughts, analysis, commentary or make video of stars during training, and so on for your audience. You can also edits parts of a match as highlight.

I must warn though that blogging take time to fully get it paying stage; that is where adverts begin to come in and you get paid. Many have given up on blogging before it got to the profit stage but with some commitment and the right strategies you should do well at it.

Social media also helps blogging, you can also redirect your followers to your blog for conversions and football banter. One key thing about blogging is the passion for what you do.

Football will continue to be enjoyable sport to you while you make money amidst economic challenges. You don’t have to be on the pitch to make the money like the professionals, you can also create a means leveraging on the your knowledge of the sports.

While this is not an exhaustive list please add yours in the comment section. | CEM

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