Lagos Business School Announces New Vacancies


CEM REPORT | Lagos Business School (LBS) has announced vacant positions to be filled by those that qualify and worthy of the prestigious Institution

The announcement posted Monday on My Job Magazine reads:

“LBS is a community of people committed to creating and transmitting management and business knowledge based on a Christian conception of the human person and of economic activity and relevant to Nigeria and Africa at large. We strive to be a world-class business school which will have a significant impact on the practice of management.

“In order to achieve this mission the School seeks to: Provide high potential professionals with a general management education which stresses professional ethics and service to the community through the practice of management.

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“Have a positive impact on the professional and ethical standards of business management in Nigeria, Make intellectual contributions which: a) support the practice of management; b) contribute to the advancement of the management disciplines; and c) create high quality teaching materials.

“Our Values LBS, as a management development institution, holds a position of trust and confidence with an ever-increasing number of corporate clients and individuals. Therefore, the values we internalise are integrity, professionalism, spirit of service, mutual respect and community.

Positions announced include

  • Associate, Programme Design and Management at Lagos Business School
  • Associate, Marketing Partnerships & Grants at Lagos Business School
  • Director, Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics at Lagos Business School

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