December 4, 2023

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Jet-Al Scarcity: Airline Operators Warn of Flight Schedule Disruption


CEM REPORT | Airline operators have alerted the general public of impending disruption to flights schedule following the worsening shortage of Jet-AI commonly called Aviation Fuel.

The Airline Operators of Nigeria announced this in a statement released Monday by the Chairman, United Nigeria airline and the Spokesperson of the Association Obiora Okonkwo.

AON said in the statement that the scarcity of aviation fuel is impacting negatively on the seamless conduct of air transport operations and would lead to flight rescheduling and, or cancellations.


It stated, “The Airline Operators of Nigeria wish to alert the public of impending disruptions to scheduled flight operations of members of the association. This development is being forced on members by the growing scarcity of aviation fuel popular as Jet-Al.

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“The scarcity is impacting negatively on the seamless conduct of air transport operations and would lead to flight rescheduling, and, or, cancellations.

“However, the association and its members are working very hard, and in alliance with product marketers, government and relevant stakeholders, to ensure availability and proper pricing of aviation fuel in the country.

“While pleading the understanding of the flying public in the face of this reality, we also promise to do all that is necessary, and within our powers, to restore normal flight schedules as soon as possible.”

Aviation fuel has been a source tumult in the aviation sectors of recent. First it was hike in price of the product which was hanged on value of dollar against the naira. This was responsible for the increased in airfare by the airline owners.

On May 6, the Airline Operators announced a shutdown of their operations from Monday, May 9, as according them, the high cost of the product became toxic to and unbearable for their operation. Following intervention from stakeholders, there was an offer from NNPC to supply the product at N480 per litre for a period of three months against the N700 they got it from dealers of the product.

The current alarm about scarcity of the same fuel NNPC promised to supply for 3 months, has become a new and sudden development in the whole controversy, raising some mind bugging questions.

Is NNPC suddenly having a run-out of the product barely a week into the 3 months within which they promised to effect supply? Is there a new round of price issues since trucking rate from NNPC depot is expected to increase?

Could something have gone wrong with logistics from the NNPC and Airlines arraignment, or this is just a case of pure sabotage to scuttle the intervention by NNPC ?

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