April 14, 2024

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Expert to ICEN; Nigeria is in dare need of Economists

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CEM REPORT | Engr (Dr) Aimieyeofori Felix has charged the Institute of Chartered Economics of Nigeria (ICEN) to rise up and  play active role in the economic growth of Nigeria, saying Nigeria is in dare need of Economists as the country struggle with economic challenges.

Engr (Dr) Felix said this on Saturday while speaking on behalf of the Director General of the Institute Prof. Christopher Balogun, at a Training organized by ICEN for its members and the Inauguration of its Lagos Chapter, held at the LCCI Conference and Exhibition Center, Alausa Lagos.

“Nigeria, we all agree is in dare need of Economists, every discipline including Petroleum Engineering that I studied ends up in the economy. The onus is on ICEN members to ensure that the Institute becomes part of the engine for Nigerian economic growth


“I vision that very soon, ICEN will become the economic government of this country. The country needs us, the economy is going down and we need to bring it up” Dr. Felix said.

The training featured two lectures which are “Strategic Alliance – Creating Growth Opportunities”, delivered by Dr Kenny Oteje and “Investment Strategy and Portfolio Management” delivered by Dr Emmanuel Inwunoba.

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In his Lecture, Dr Kehinde Oteje emphasized that strategic alliance is almost indispensable in the business world, saying it is needed to be able to bring ideas and resources together to deliver business values and goals.

In the many case studies cited, Dr Oteje submitted that Strategic Alliance plays major role in transforming creativity into innovation, connecting production with marketing and unifying technologies to create business values and deliver on business objectives.

Dr Emmanuel Inwunoba who delivered the second lecture titled “Investment Strategy and Portfolio Management told members that “if you must take a plunge (invest), you must be very smart, very wise, gather enough information from those who have been there, otherwise, you might fall into scam.”

He highlighted the challenge of firm managers in creating an optimal investment portfolio for their companies as they are presented with various prospects in an unpredictable and competitive market; equities, real estates, corporate bonds, government bonds and others.

He advised Investors to think outside the box always to keep investment safe while continuing to yield returns in a volatile market environment.

A participant, Omolara Oniyide who spoke with Continental Economy Magazine said; “for a developing/under developed nation like ours (Nigeria) to achieve its potential, attention should be paid to the macroeconomic factors and strategic alliance to remain economically competitive.

“The whole world is now a global village, hence, no nation can achieve a 100% potential especially with the impact of covid 19, which had led to some negative outcomes like galloping inflation, decreased productivity and others.

“Nigeria has to go beyond internal investment, but external investment to enable us participate fully in the global economy.”

Another Participant, Kemi Dorcas who is an associate member of ICEN and a Chartered Accountant, said “all professions work hand in hand for the growth of the economy, but the problem are the politicians who don’t listen to professionals.

She expressed determination of ICEN to start to make impact in economic planning and policy formulation in Nigeria at the federal level.

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