June 5, 2023

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ICEN, Revitalizing Structures to Direct Nigerian Economy


CEM REPORT | The Institute of Chartered Economics of Nigeria (ICEN) is revitalizing its structures to lead the economic management of Nigeria as the Institute inaugurated its Lagos State Chapter being the first State Chapter.

The Inaugaration held on Saturday, May 7 at the LCCI Conference and Exhibition Center, Alausa, Ikeja.

The Institute also held its annual training themed “Leadership Development and its Economic Implication on a nation”. The theme was accompanied by sub topics which are ‘Strategic Alliance in Creating Growth Opportunities’ and “Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management.”

The pioneer Chairman of the Lagos Chapter, Dr Mohammed Ogidi who spoke to Continental Economy Magazine (CEM) said the Institute will take the lead in creating the economic roadmap and directing the entire economic management of Nigeria.

Mohammed Ogidi said the days of ‘if you are not invited, don’t come’ is over, saying that the Institute will rise to its right responsibilities to positively influence good management of the Nigerian Economy.

“With the establishment of the Institute of Chartered Economics of Nigeria and the today’s Inauguration of the Lagos Chapter, heralding the turning out of professionals, the Nigerian Economy will take a new turn. The days of you are not invited don’t come will be replaced by era of good economic propositions.

“Other professional bodies are doing well, the Economists Institute will not be left behind. Economists understand the factors that determine the vibrancy of the economy. We know what it takes when you put two and two together.

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“As an Institute, we should be able to direct government’s attention to policies’ end result. If you miss your criteria, the result will be negative. The Economists are now here and on ground to give appropriate direction always”; Ogidi Said.

Other members of the Executive include Sopeyin Yusuf, Dr Kemi Uwaiya, Toyin Olaleru and Jacob Ipogah. Also on the Executive List are, Ganiyu Ogugbayi, Monday Aguiman, Kemi Dorcas, Samsom Olakunle, Gbenga Dairo, Peter Imoukhome and Dada Idowu Olugbenga

Speaking on the Training Theme earlier, the Deputy Chairman, Dr Sopeyin Yusuf said Nigeria belong to the group of poor countries because of our human development index which is less than the world average.

Sopeyin cited the mass exodus of young people out of the country as result of poor human capital development and economic hardship, saying Economists need to rise up to their responsibilities to reposition the Nigerian economy

“A lot of our citizens are moving out of the country because of the economic hardship which has prolonged beyond expectations. We therefore are asking, why is the hardship in this country this prolonged? As professionals, as Economists, we need to reposition the Nigerian Economy and take it to the development height where it is supposed to be”;Yusuf said.

The Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (I.C.E.N) was established out of burning desire to promote and encourage the study and development of the art and science of economics in public practice, industries, commerce etc and to inculcate professionalism and specialization in the economics profession in Nigeria.

In view of this development, the institute had been mandated by the Act establishing it to regulate the activities of all the different aspects of Economics such as Monetary Economics, Industrial Economics, Business Economics, Educational and welfare economics, Economics of International relations, Agricultural Economics, Petroleum Economics, etc.

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