Reuniting Rural Nigeria with Nature (1)


    CEM FEATURE | We heard the importance of technology cannot be overemphasized but we love Rural Nigeria. As time faded away and the Giant of Africa set her course on a new path, we sensed the dawn of a new era and wondered what was to come.

    In a twist of event, the sounds of our indigenous drums went down, we began to hear unfamiliar tunes and suspected the sun of technology and digital life has risen on our coasts. It came closer and got louder then the lights of our hearts started quenching in worries for Rural Nigeria.

    Like the haste of a mighty wind, it came upon us. Before we opened our eyes, it had overwhelmed us. In submission to laws, mandates, and policies, we became voiceless. At the same time, we screamed with the loudest voice of our hearts; what will happen to our indigenous culture?

    Our land saw so much turbulence from activities they called exploration. That word is strange if you ask me. Those activities polluted our rivers, disgraced our waters, and bullied aquatic creatures to their death without an epitome of remorse. All we wanted to uproot from our lands were crops but we got the most astounding betrayal when we saw our land spill the “black liquid gold” at the command of technology. How come we didn’t know this particular attribute of our land?

    We thought it was only a matter of time; they would leave us alone to reunite with our land but we waited in futility because it now belongs to them. After all, who knew the terrain more than we do? So we pitched at the other side but life no longer remained the same. Then the fear of the unthinkable but reality occurred to us; we have lost the values of Rural Nigeria. Haa!

    The constant vigorous interference with our forests have sent us into a world not our own. We watched our trees hewed without empathy, they converted them into all sorts of alien arts and yet again called it technology. Excuse me, the trees you took away have been our strongest and most loyal allies since the inception of creation. They gave us food, served as walls, protection, and landmarks that guarded our paths just in case we were lost. We stand with Rural Nigeria

    To be continued….

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    Ebiekuraju Elizabeth T

    Amazing article


    well written…


    It is important that the national heritage and resources are evenly shared. Although, I suppose the communities where our “black oil” dwells should be first physically developed, then the people. People empowerment has been the best strategy, but from findings, it seem to have made some youths nonchalant than they would. This may be due to the empowerment approach, in my opinion.
    But the fact remains, our resources has become mines that may detonate rather than lines that should elevate.


    Deep and interesting read

    Omowo Esther Tunmise

    May God help us not to later become strangers of our own heritage. Children no longer know the fairy tales of the moonlight, which we enjoyed every night during our own time. It is an amazing writeup. Kudos.