June 11, 2023

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Political Position is to foster Economic Development – Fred Akhalame


CEM FEATURES | Economic empowerment and human capital development are the essence of politics. There is no meaning in all the hyping and paraphernalia with huge cost that political parties have been known to engage in, if there is no consequent corresponding and measurable development that make the society better.

It is therefore inferable to say, there is little or no meaning in the trouble that Nigerians are meant to go through in every electioneering period judging by the current economic situation of the country. More attention and commitment have been on winning elections and occupying political offices than doing the job. This is a bane of the socio-economic quagmire that we are in.

The situation exist primarily due to the individuals and party ideologies that have prevailed in our political atmosphere and nothing is expected to change without a deliberate effort to shift from the status quo.

Chief Fred Akhalame is an aspirant from the People’s Democratic Party,  contesting for the Chairmanship seat in Etsako East Local Government, Edo State. He says his ideology in politics is that of opportunity to effect meaningful developmental change. He emphasized that meaningful development goes beyond a road and purchase of school desks.

“My ideology in politics is centered on human capital development, seizing an opportunity to do something enduring that will have my name engraved in gold.

“I don’t want to be remembered for constructed road, I want to be the next Ambrose Alli of our time being remembered for impact made on human capital development.

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“I want it to be on record that industrialization of my place came into full force through me, I want to be remembered for poverty that will reduce to the lowest possible due to the empowerment that industrialization will bring”, Akhalame said.

Fred Akhalame buttressed his position with 2 points. According him, he has remained in his party even when they were in opposition. He said he was not moved to join other parties by quest for position and money.

The other point is the achievement of his club under his leadership, such as the establishment of a Library instead of building club house like their counterparts.

“Relating my ideology to political ideology; are you aware I have been in the People’s Democratic Party since 1999? I have remained in the party even as opposition up till 2019. Why did I stay and did not move like some persons have done? Because I was not motivated by quest for position or financial gains”; Akhalame said

Akhalame said he want to do something about the state of the health sector in Etsako East Local Government.

“My second area of priority is the health sector, the very sector I have worked for years.

“Up till this moment, sick persons are being taken from Weppa Wano all the way to Ekpoma for treatment. My ideology centers on innovation to solve problems such as the challenges facing our health sector”, he said.

Fred continued by saying, “I made my club to start a library in my community instead of a club house. For me, club house can come later, the library will impact more positively in the development of human capital. Our youth and school children will enhance their knowledge, and the library can outlive the span of the club.

“This is my ideology regarding political position and leadership in general.”

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