February 26, 2024

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Post-Lockdown: TERAWORK Says Platform To Help Businesses Rebound


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As the global economy grapples with the impacts of the lockdown, TERAWORK, leading web-based platform for hiring independent skilled workers known as freelancers, has said tapping the abundant pool of independent highly skilled professionals that are available on its platform can help shore up the quality of business output and reduce utility and overhead costs which are attached to housing full time staff.

The firm maintained that reducing costs to tailor operations to the present environment of shrinking consumer spending and low business revenues is key to helping businesses rebound from months of social and economic lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Speaking about the advantages offered by TERAWORK, Mrs Titi Taiwo, Chief Operation Officer at the firm, said, “The pandemic may have disrupted business as it were, but it needs not to throw everyone off balance. To survive the aftereffects of the lockdown that paralyzed commercial activities across the globe, businesses need to rethink their approach to sourcing for talent and delivering product and services.”


She explained, “Like Zoom Video Communications, a software company which played a significant role in connecting organizations and the workforce throughout the complete restriction of movement, TERAWORK is going to serve as a working business management recourse to help small and big firms looking for ways to get work done efficiently, and at the best cost, to meet their target. There is hardly a better fit for an almost depressed global economy and a network of nervous businesses.”

TERAWORK is a sort of lifeline for small and big businesses all around the globe. It stated that its platform offers the following advantages:

  1. Cost-saving

Rightsizing, limiting the number of irrelevant employees, is a strong post-pandemic strategy for any business looking for ways to balance their book. Since TERAWORK collates an extensive list of the best professional freelancers who are ready to offer services on demand, firms can tap the skill bank to get work done and delivered in good time without waste of space, time and resources that is common in organizations that house a bloated line of special skills that are only utilized once in a while. Seriously, the post-pandemic environment won’t be nice to any firm that is given to waste.

  1. Convenience

The magic around platforms like TERAWORK is the possibility of accessing multiple talents at a go. It rarely happens. From the comfort of your office or home, you can sift through a pool of vetted accountants, software engineer, writers, and project managers in one place? Access to professional freelancers from every part of the world is a strong competitive advantage for TERAWORK. Buyers of service need to take that compelling advantage seriously.

  1. Confidence

TERAWORK continues to improve its screening process that vets the professional freelancers on its platform. This should address any concern that may be deduced from the fear of being at the receiving end of a shoddy job. You can be guaranteed that the freelancer will not be paid except they deliver on the job. There is also a 100% money-back guaranteed if a freelancer fails to deliver. It sounds nice getting this fact here, isn’t it? The convincing testimonies from the users of TERAWORK should lay credence to the claim.

Don’t get stuck with the norm, take advantage of skilled freelance professionals to grow your business cost effectively.

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